Modern Scandinavian House In White And Pastel Shades

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This representative Scandinavian detached house is located in Stockholm, the author is the designer and the holder – Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer. She bent this pause intended for her and her wife. Big windows and white color – these are representative Scandinavian skin. In the function of the detached house isn’t significant the designer used roughly space-saving solutions. […] Read more

Best Charming Outdoor Patio Furniture – By Extremis

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If you have an open space outside your home and want to relax sometimes enjoying the breeze and the beauty of the outside then you need a piece of decorative furniture Patio to make you comfortable. Extremis is a Belgian company is new but has become famous for its outdoor furniture. They are the most wanted outdoor […] Read more

Glass House Style Design in Melbourne by Crone Partners

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Glass House Style Design. Would you believe with the intention of the household you’re in this area to think it over currently can pile of up to 20,000 gallons of precipitation in an underground tank to be reused in toilets and irrigation? The design isn’t very reassuring to be called “green”. But inside this present […] Read more

12 Wooden Interior Design Ideas 2011

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This is not the first time we are featuring the work of designer Marc Canut. Generous wood accents are what determines a particular series and here, Canut shows us how versatile and beautiful wood can. Wood has always been one of the most common materials we use in both architecture and interior design. It is […] Read more

Best Modern and Stylish Bedroom Designs Ideas

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Best Modern and Stylish Bedroom Designs Ideas - Function, mood and harmony are the factors that spell the difference between a designer and a regular bedroom. Large bedroom is a place to relax and recharge, stylish and peaceful retreat is as versatile as it is welcome. Design modern rooms with interior decor is very important to […] Read more

A Tropic Villa With Local Color

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A Tropic Villa With Local Color. Villas in the tropic countries are created for the rest and relaxation. Hot climate, lots of sun and sea make such villas an island of paradise. This villa is called Casas del Sol. I love the style of the house, it looks gorgeous like a VIP resort. The colors are neutral, […] Read more

Modern And Stylish Why Knot Table

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This table is a word play, that’s Why Knot Table by Kino Guerin Canadian carpenter.This table is not only furniture but also objects of art. The designers managed to bend a piece of wood, giving a very interesting table. As the table will be an exciting addition toany room in contemporary style. Tables are available in only one color, but color is a good alternative, because it is almost equivalent to all the natural wood. Designers create the table design is elegant and stylish fresh and light. Would you like a knot in your living room?   Read more

Preparation Arrange Flowers For Summer

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Summertime brings with it lots of sharp, colorful flowers. Whether you grow them in your backyard or approve of them, making beautiful arrangements with summer flowers can be fun and straightforward. There is a large assortment of summer flowers with the intention of bring about well in these arrangements. A hardly any examples are: Sunflowers, zinnias, […] Read more